Little History about Voodoo


Voodoo doll spells are like prayers: the highest act of magic. It is a way for communicating with invisible world in search for any help, guidance or execute justice. Most people misunderstand voodoo for some cult, satanism or black magic. Voodoo is religion originated in Africa. Its believes revolves around spirits that live in invisible world with is connected to ours. These spirits are of our predecessors and can be either good or bad. Like in many other religions, death is the natural way for spirit to move on to higher existence while still affecting visible world. While Voodoo religion has clergy of priests and priestesses (called Hougan and Manbo) Voodooists believe that any person is capable of connecting to spiritual world and are responsible for their actions.

Types of Voodoo spells


There are many types of Voodoo doll spells. Positive, negative, neutral in essence. They all have karmic effects on the user. It is strongly advised not to participate in extremely harmful Voodoo doll spells, unless you are prepared for consequences, with is highly unlikely that you are. For example hexing someone can be destructive for both: spell user and the victim. These kind of spells should be left to people who solely dedicate their lives to voodoo religion. However Voodoo doll spells that target positive changes, healing, guidance or even justice for a lesser extend, can be performed by anyone whose soul, karmic balance and spiritual understanding are pure enough.

Positive spells include: love, money and good luck.

Negative Voodoo doll spells are very dangerous and mostly revolve around hurt, revenge, misfortune and even death. Most of them work through fear. This is very important if you want to protect yourself from them.

Neutral are ones represents spiritual guidance, clearness of mind and righteous life path.

How does Voodoo doll spells work?


We all channel our energy and affect other people and every creation in the world without even noticing it. Only few people developed this gift to extreme levels like spiritual healers, shamans and saints. Voodoo doll works as tool that becomes the center of concentrated energy, reflection and a link to other person. Spell, much like prayer, is the essence of that energy. This is not however, the casters energy. Voodoo doll spells is all about spirits from after-death invisible world. This is where all channeling comes from. The less disturbed, angry or mislead the person performing the ritual is the higher results can be accomplished. Furthermore the less karmic backlash is directed back at user.

Protection From Voodoo curses


Most of Voodoo doll spells work through one single emotion – fear. And there is no bigger fear for human being than fear of death. So, unless person putting a curse on you is really know what hes doing, you can neglect it to some degree. There are many protection rituals in voodoo and other religions that can help, but the most important is you own perspective on life. Right spiritual path, purification of negative emotions, clear mind, all these related aspects makes you harder to be affected by negative Voodoo doll spells. Battling the fear of death on the other hand, is a long and very hard process, and many people don’t even know how to do it. Unfortunately, that’s the only option if you have been cursed by some serious Voodoo doll spells, by some highly skilled mystic.

How to prepare for Voodoo doll spell casting?


Calmness is the key. If you want to perform Voodoo doll spells you have to isolate yourself from any unnecessary distractions. You have to reach maximum detachment from the world that you are able. Next you have to calm down your toughs and feelings. All you attention should be put on Voodoo doll spells you are going to perform. Meditating before doing so is very good way to clear your mind, if you learned how to do it properly. Specific talismans and charms helps to strengthen your inner willpower, so its a good idea to get some. Prayers is another way to do so, but you should be careful with them. Regardless of what kind of Voodoo doll spells you are going to use, always make sure that you undoubtedly believe they work and its necessary to do so.