Does voodoo work?


Does voodoo work?


The answer to this question isn’t all that simple. Under normal circumstances – yes voodoo does „work“. There are two reasons however, for with voodoo or any other so called „magic“, or even prayers don‘t make much effect at all.

First, simply the person, performing any spell or ritual, isn’t prepared or doesn’t know what he’s doing. And by knowing, i don’t talk just about basic knowledge our brain can absorb. It’s more about spiritual experience. Any word our brain can put out in this world is meaningless compared to it.

Preparation is also major factor in this case. If you are not aware of your state of karma, chances are you going to mess up a lot of things in the process. And then you try to reach out for more subtle existences, it gets very dangerous.

Another reason why voodoo may not work is much more situational and rare. In case voodoo spell that targets another person is casted, particularly harmful one, there is a chance that it won’t work at all. It’s only the case when the person does not have any fear left in this reality. Basically, all fears at the core are just niches from our biggest fear as humans – fear of death. So you can tell that there are only few people in this world who are “immune” to any curses or energy manipulation. Most, if not all religions including voodoo, actually teaches it – how to be fearless. That’s basically two major reasons why voodoo may not work out as expected. There are few others, but it requires difficult explanation and they rarely occur in today’s world anyway.

That out of the way – does voodoo work? is silly and childish question.


Yes it does work, to a great extent. Just because people are not aware of it, doesn’t make it less real or effective. If you never experienced pain, theatrically speaking, doesn’t mean it won’t hurt when you cut yourself. Same here, except anything beyond this reality is much harder to grasp. Regardless, anyone is capable of these experiences, no exception. All religions, before they were systematized to just simply control people, showed a way in this spiritual path.

Even in today’s world, if you are conscious about these subtle energies and existences, you will see the difference every single thought makes. Now, if it’s not just a thought, but the wholes “system” made specifically for a change? It will yield extreme results. That’s voodoo or any other form of core religion in a nutshell.

All in all, simple answer to  –  does voodoo work? – Yes, with few exceptions.