How to make voodoo doll

If you a wandering how to make voodoo doll, let me tell you – it‘s really simple.


However, I will do more in depth to it. Voodoo doll itself is used in most of voodoo spells that target another person. It’s very powerful tool. The idea behind it, is to create materialistic gateway in between. Thoughts direct specific negative or positive energies towards someone already. With voodoo doll we direct not only our own powers, but also the ones from spirits beyond. No need to remind that anyone doing so should be very careful and prepared.

To make voodoo doll, only important aspect is appearance. Since its symbolic nature, obviously it should resemble human figure. Materials don’t matter really. It can be made from anything: paper, piece of linen cloth, straws, even plastic doll would work.

How to make voodoo doll that works?


Well, you need to bind it to someone properly. When you have some personal belonging of the person you binding voodoo doll with, before placing it, try to concentrate. Try to think only about that person. It helps if you had some emotional situation involving him/her, as it intensifies energies from within. When you placing piece of hair or any other belonging, imagine voodoo doll as actual living being – like a mirror to your target. Visualization helps a lot. If you have troubles doing so, try to meditate and clear your mind before. Meditation basically is concentration and it greatly increases your energies. You should always meditate before doing any spell casting or ritual.

Another way to make this more effective is to do binding in that person’s home, or place where you ever met. It may not be major aspect but it helps. When you done with the binding leave voodoo doll for a while in some neutral place. It’s important not to rush at this time. Everything takes time. You may ask how to make voodoo doll that works without having any personal belongings? There is a way, maybe less effective, depending on spell caster. For that, you’ll need to know persons name. You can either write it on voodoo dolls back or encrypt just initials on the head.

There is no way to test voodoo doll you made.


If you’ll try to poke it irresponsibly, you going to make a mess. Take it seriously – voodoo doll is not a toy. It can backfire pretty badly if you just do it for fun. Karmic backlash is always in effect, so be patient and careful. So how to make voodoo doll that surely work? theres no guarantee, you must become experienced spell caster in general.

How to make voodoo doll of yourself?


The process of binding is similar, except with the power of visualization you connect yourself with the doll. Try to remember most important, emotional moments of your life, try to express “I” at emotional, energetic level and channel it to the doll. Why would anyone make voodoo doll of themselves? If you have any experience in occult, spiritual world alike, you will know that it can be great asset for protection. There is also few spells that can help with your physical appearance and health.

I don’t think I need to explain in detail how to make voodoo doll figure. It doesn’t have to be beautiful, it doesn’t have to match specific proportions. The only thing that matters is that it needs to resemble human figure. We don’t make voodoo doll for decoration – remember that. Since it can be made from pretty much any material, chose what’s best’s suits you. You can even find premade figures for sale, although I don’t recommend using them for actual spell casting. The easiest to make for me personally is paper voodoo dolls. You just need a piece of paper and thread.