Voodoo Curses

Voodoo curses are dangerous kind of spells


Like any other curses, the primary objective is to damage someone’s life. Strong voodoo curses can affect entire linage, up to seven generations. It rarely happens nowadays, but potential is there. People curse each other, it happens every day. Only problem is that most of them are unaware of what they are actually doing. Power of mind is a great weapon, closely followed by emotion. Sometimes one push other to extremes, this is where it gets dangerous. Voodoo curses does not follow this unconscious, out of control method of hatred and jealousness.

As you may already know, voodoo curses and spells mostly delve into unknown existence to humans. Basic voodoo curses can be performed by anyone, however for its immensely limitless nature, one may bring more suffering than expected. Voodoo curses and revenge spells should only be used for the greater good and justice. It’s one of the many ways to make situation even.

Protection from voodoo curses


If you want to protect yourself or your family from voodoo curses or other hurtful spells and energies, there are many efficient ways. There are amulets and talismans who serve this exact purpose, you should look for the ones with ward symbols like pentagram (sadly mistaken by many as an evil sign of witchcraft) eye, cross, turtle, sun or moon. Your best bet for protection however is you own karma: cultivating any religion that leads to purity of soul and balance and focuses in overcoming you fears father that running from them.

Voodoo curses, how they work?


Majority of voodoo curses are performed with voodoo doll as main instrument. Much like other spells, projecting energies with the help of certain rituals. Hexing is the one where hatred is channeled to manifest suffering and pain. Most of highly experienced shamans however don’t rely on their own bioenergetics, in fact most of it gets shut down completely. They use energies that are already out there just concentrating them on specific target. This comes with help of spirits responding to that ritual. In dark voodoo spells and curses Petro loas (spirits) are sought. They are considered as angry and aggressive, almost demonic in a way. It should be mentioned that they are not evil in the essence, as some healing spells are also call for Petro spirits. Ritual itself is what concludes the consequences.