Voodoo money spells

Understanding basic concept of voodoo money / wealth spells.


If you are going to cast voodoo money spells by yourself, it is important to understand how these spells works in the first place. To begin with, the universe is one and infinite. There are many realities and we, even as human beings, can experience and connect to pretty much all of them. Now, if we want to attract success or money to us, it is possible to get a lot of help from, basically speaking – universe itself.

From the ancient times in all the religions, there are prayers. Prayers and spells are similar. Spells, if done correctly, are calls to spirits for help in one area or other. We connect to other subtle existences, in order to communicate with our personal guardian spirits of ancestors. The spirits can affect maja in a great way. So when we cast voodoo money spells, this is what happens: we reconnect with our guardian spirits, we clearly state what kind of help is needed by rituals, and in a way, change our destiny.

Why basic prayer isn’t enough?


Well, to put it simple, most of prayers you can find are not effective. The problem is that they are rewritten a lot of times. And if you know anything about them – a single word placed improperly can change the outcome drastically. Another easy to spot, but ridiculously destructive aspect is – most of today’s prayers are directed to God. Whatever religion you believe, it doesn’t matter, you can never ask anything from God – everything you need is already given, what you do with it is your choice.

Now, with our ancestor’s guardian spirits, it’s a different matter. They are the ones that take care of us. However, we tend to involve ourselves so much in this maja, that connection with them gets very weak. As a result, our protectors sometimes can’t even do anything to help us.

In voodoo money spells, and pretty much any other voodoo spells, words aren’t as important as in prayers. The rituals you perform is what really matters. Also, you must totally believe in yourself and in what you are doing. It’s no big news, you should obviously apply this truth in other life situations as well.

How exactly does voodoo money spells manifest?


Expect either: new opportunities to arise, or current situation in business or work to change drastically. It’s also possible to get unexpected money income, like winning a lottery.

Here is quick and easy voodoo money spell for you:


Like most voodoo spells, this will require few things for the ritual.

  • 27 coins of any kind. Coins obviously signifies wealth that you want to gain. It is important to show in voodoo money spells exactly what you want to get as a result.
  • Flower-pot. This has more subtle meaning. Flower-pot signifies your surroundings. It is where you want to grow your wealth and prosperity.
  • It’s optional, but since it signifies purity and change, candle is always welcome tool in many voodoo spells.

This spell needs to be performed in the morning, when sun starts to rise. Find empty space or room. Light up the candle and place flower-pot on the ground. Take 3 coins, close your eyes and say these words:

“I call guardian spirits of mine, direct my path at this moment, the way I think is right”. Now throw these 3 coins to the flower-pot, open your eyes and put out the candle. This gesture shows that you are ready to give something, in order to get something you want in return.

Do this spell every morning for the next 9 days. At the end, bury the flower-pot with coins in the ground.

Out of all voodoo money spells, this is the easiest to perform, so you should be safe.